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TRUST WOMEN tells the stories of Dr. LeRoy Carhart and Dr. Warren Hern, two of the last physicians in the country who publicly acknowledge that they provide late abortions, despite the constant harassment and threats they face as a result.

After the murder of Dr. George Tiller last June, there is only a handful of American doctors left who provide late abortions to women who seek them. TRUST WOMEN  is a feature-length documentary film that will paint a vivid portrait of the lives of two of these physicians—Dr. LeRoy Carhart and Dr. Warren Hern—who have now become major targets of the “pro-life” movement, yet continue to risk their lives every day to do work which they believe literally save women’s lives.

Dr. Carhart, a registered Republican who served in the Air Force for over twenty years, runs the Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska with his childhood sweetheart Mary Lou. He is currently fighting back against a restrictive new Nebraska law banning late abortion by trying to open three new clinics across the country. Dr. Hern, a feisty 72-year-old nature photographer and poet who is also the Director of the Boulder Abortion Clinic in Colorado, has suffered from harassment and threats for decades, and now must try to shield his new wife and son from the constant persecution surrounding him.

Both doctors have agreed to provide unprecedented access to filmmakers Martha Shane and Lana Wilson, allowing them to film not only the activity at their clinics, but also their personal lives outside of work, providing audiences with a fresh perspective on this controversial issue. Beautifully shot on location in both Boulder and Omaha, TRUST WOMEN is a vital and provocative film that will take audiences inside the lives of two unforgettable doctors and the battles they fight daily to protect choice.