Our first trip out

We just got back from our first trip to shoot Dr. Hern and Dr. Carhart, which was very exciting and inspiring.

Not only do both of these doctors run incredible clinics, but they both have many other aspects to their lives in addition to their work as physicians and abortion providers–Dr. Hern takes beautiful nature photographs, writes poetry, and attends all kinds of educational lectures and political events in Boulder, and Dr. Carhart is a former national champion baton twirler (!) who now runs a horseback riding school with his wife, Mary Lou, at their farm in Nebraska.

Our trip included…

shooting terrific sit-down interviews with both doctors (and, in Dr. Carhart’s case, with his wonderful wife Mary Lou Carhart as well)

filming lifetime achievement awards that both doctors happened to be receiving within the same week, each in their respective hometowns

successfully lugging our equipment 300 feet up a snowy mountain in Boulder in order to get a few shots of Dr. Hern skiing (although we did almost pass out)

getting our exercise at the East Boulder Community Center, a ridiculous utopia offering a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, fake river current pool, and giant looping water slide, all for just $6!

the discovery of a chain of “King Kong”-themed fast food restaurants in Omaha (pictured above) that we will certainly be spending a LOT more time at in the weeks ahead

…among many other things.

The trip left us very happy, feeling lucky to have found two subjects who are this interesting, dedicated, and kind. More soon!


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