Meet the Doctors

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who served in the United State Air Force for over twenty years, has been providing abortions since 1974. He founded the Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska (ACCON) in Bellevue, Nebraska, with his childhood sweetheart and wife of 48 years, Mary Lou Carhart, in 1992. Dr. Carhart was a close friend and colleague of Dr. George Tiller, and after Dr. Tiller’s assassination in May 2009, decided to start providing late-term abortions at his own clinic. Over the years Dr. Carhart has been subject to ongoing persecution from “pro-life” protestors, including a suspected arson in 1991 that burned down his family’s farm, killing seventeen horses and two pets. He is a member of the board of directors of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Dr. Warren Hern, the Director of the Boulder Abortion Clinic in Boulder, Colorado, founded his own private practice in 1975, and since then has devoted his life to researching and developing the safest and most effective ways of terminating pregnancy. A trained anthropologist, he has also studied fertility and the use of contraceptives in Peru’s Shipibo Indian communities for the past forty years, and has written extensively about that research as well as about abortion practice and women’s rights in numerous publications. Despite living and working in one of the most progressive communities in the country, Dr. Hern has endured harassment and threats from abortion protestors for decades, including several gunshots fired through his clinic’s front window in 1998. But nothing will stop Dr. Hern—who, at the age of 72, still skis double-black-diamond runs, writes poetry, and takes National Geographic-published nature photographs in his spare time—from continuing to perform abortions for women in need.